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Ever find yourself working on that bulletin board thinking, surely someone has already thought this through, or even better, has materials already made! Why recreate the wheel? What if you could buy the digital templates you need to download and print off for a couple of bucks? What about when Mrs. Sue came down sick at the last minute, and you've been asked to cover a children's Bible class with nothing prepared in advance? That's where ChurchesPayChurches comes to life! Sell your idea, pre-made digital downloads, trainings, and yep - even physical products too! Allow yourself, kids, or the entire family the ability to generate a healthy side income by selling the things you do and love most.

ChurchesPayChurches is an online marketplace to buy and sell downloadable content and resources, physical products, and vendor services. From classrooms to congregations, personal to professional, we've got you covered.

Cheaper Than Other Online Marketplaces

ChurchesPayChurches has a flat rate of just 9% + $0.30 per transaction for our commission and payment processing fees. 

International Customers (Non USA) Stripe Payment Processing Fees (Invoiced Separately / Manually Monthly)

+ additional 1.5% 

for international cards

+ additional 1% 

if currency conversion is required

It's Easy & FREE To Get Started

No setup fees, no memberships to buy. You can setup your seller account, connect Stripe, and add your first product in just a few minutes and a few clicks. In other words, you can create a seller account and start accepting payments in less than an hour for most anyone on the planet. We setup a test account in less than 8 mins. We dare you to beat us and tell us about it as we'd love to feature you on our FB page for FREE!

Average Rates of Online Marketplaces Comparison - Earn More Money with ChurchesPayChurches
These are often called Seller, Referral, Publisher, and / or Listing commissions or fees for selling your products and services on the marketplace of choice. 

Amazon - $40/mo then 8-45% + fees
Ebay - 13.25% + fees
Walmart - 15% + fees
Itunes - 30% + fees
TPT -  20%-50% + fees
Etsy - 9.5% + fees and additional costs per transaction that can take your fees upwards of 12%.

9% + $0.30 per transaction for USA transactions. International fees extra charges apply.

Taxes & Shipping
Each individual seller (vendor) can setup, and is responsible for, their own tax and shipping rates. ChurchesPayChurches will not collect, and is not responsible for, taxes or shipping amounts and any omissions or errors thereof. By creating and using a seller / vendor account on our system, you agree to these terms.

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Sell your downloadable content and resources, physical products, and vendor services and reach folks on a global scale! Featuring the lowest commission rates in the industry! Become a seller today! Get Started - It's FREE to join!